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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Christmas Inspiration Celebration: Favourite Reindeer


Hello folks!  Welcome to Day Five of our Christmas Inspiration Celebration. From December 15th to the 25th, I will be showcasing creations from our Design Team and will be popping in with a couple extra fun events as well.

If you missed the first post with further details of our event, the challenge link up, prize list and sneak peeks of all DT projects, please click HERE to check it out. To see Pat's project and the image available to be won from Day Two of our event, click HERE. To see Petra's project and the image available to be won from Day Three, click HERE. To see Carol's project and the image available to be won from Day Four, click HERE.

Each team member's creation has been inspired by something related to the holiday season. Helen is here today to continue our Christmas Inspiration Celebration with this fun card inspired by her favourite reindeer...

Helen chose Rudolph as her favourite reindeer. Here is her reason:
"I chose Rudolph because he's the most famous of all the reindeer and even has his very own song named after him!"

Helen has used #735 Rudolph for her card.

Complete today's task for a chance to win this image!

#735 Rudolph

Today's Task:
  • Please leave us a comment letting us know the following:
    • WHO is your favourite Reindeer and WHY? The list of all of Santa's reindeer includes: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph. Plus there is also Olive. Do you know of any other famous reindeer we may have missed?
The names of those people who submit responses completing today's task will be put into a draw for the image shown above. One random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of today's featured image. Draw will be held on Jan 5th and the winner announcement for the entire celebration will be posted shortly thereafter.

Well folks that is it for today's task. Be sure to join us again tomorrow for a special fun event we have planned!

Don't Forget...

Each day we feature a DT project, you will have the opportunity to complete a simple task in order to to win one of the images featured. Be sure to join us each day from December 15th to December 25th to see what we have in store for you! While the last day of the event is December 25th, don't worry if you're too busy during this most festive time of year, you will have until January 5th, 2020, to complete all the tasks.


  1. By favourite reindeer would be Blitzen as it iis Father Christmas's favourite too . In the visit from St Nicholas the origin poem for Santa's reindeer FC saves Blitzen until last and thats because he is the best.

  2. I just saw a Hallmark movie where the main character receives a reindeer necklace. She said it was Comet and Comet is most important because she knows all the stars and constellations in the sky and guides Santa on his way. I thought it was lovely, so I'm going to say Comet.

  3. Tough choice, I'm going with Olive because I always have a lot going on and prefer to work behind the scenes, lol, Awesome DT card, hugs, Lori m

  4. My favorite reindeer is Rudolph. He is bullied and pushed away for his difference. Then is difference is what makes him necessary and the other learn that difference can be important.

  5. My favourite has always been Rudolph. He was the underdog but in the end he was the one that Santa chose to guide the sleigh. It's a shame that the other reindeer made fun of him for his cute red nose - his nose is another reason why I love him!

  6. I always liked Dancer as he seems like he might like to party. The holiday season always brings lots of parties so I think Dancer would be lots of fun!

  7. Rudolph is my favorite because of his bright, shiny nose!

  8. Hmm...I've never really thought about this! There's nothing cuter than a reindeer! They are so short and stout with those big antlers! Anyway, I had to research this and I found some bios of the famous reindeer here:
    I suppose if I must choose of all these wonderful souls, it would be Donner since she enjoys music and her friends!


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