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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Welcome to Day TWO of our Raise the Hoof Christmas Celebration!

Hello and welcome to the second day of our Raise the Hoof Christmas Event!

From December 1st to December 12th you'll be given a task to do, related to those often under-appreciated Christmas heroes—Santa's Reindeer! Complete the task of the day and have a chance to win a special prize. If you missed the first day's task, please click HERE to participate.

While the last day of the event is December 12th, don't worry if you're too busy during the first half of December to participate as you will have until January 4th, 2019 to complete all the tasks.

Today, we continue our Raise the Hoof event with...

Check out this wonderful new image that Sandy has created
especially for our Christmas Celebration.
#737 Dancer
You can find #737 Dancer in the store HERE.

Check out the great creation made with today's image from a member of our Design Team!


Complete today's task for a chance to win this image!

Day Two Task:
  • Please leave us a comment with the answer to today's question:
    • What special JOB do Santa's reindeer do on Christmas Eve?
  • Clue: They help make Santa's job much easier.

The names of those people who submit responses completing today's task will be put into a draw for today's image. One random winner will be chosen to receive a copy of today's featured image. Draw will be held on Jan 5th and the winner announcement for the entire celebration will be posted shortly thereafter. Please note that comments containing answers for any day's tasks will not be published until after the event is over in order to keep everyone's answers private.

Well folks that is it for today's task. Be sure to join us again tomorrow to find out which reindeer will be featured next in our Raise the Hoof Christmas Event and what the next task will be!


Be sure to join us each day for your chance to win!


  1. To drive Santa's sleigh full of presents for the precious children.
    Love that reindeer...he looks like he is waiting for a party!

  2. Since Santa's reindeer are magical, they can fly. They take Santa and his sleigh full of goodies all around the world to deliver presents to everyone who has been good. (Well, I guess he give presents to everyone, good or bad, because if you're bad, you just get a lump of coal. You could consider that a present.)

  3. Santa's reindeer fly him around the world, so he can deliver presents :)

  4. They pull the sled through the air to deliver the presents. Edwina Brown


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