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Friday, March 21, 2014

Freebie Friday: Pie

Tell me you didn't see that title and though "Mmmm Pie..." Hello and welcome to another installment of Freebie Friday! I hope that you guys are loving this as much as me and thank you for all the love in the comments! Don't forget to share with everyone about this post... I mean it everyone including the neighbours cat! because it keeps me and Sandy out of trouble. Well as much a possible any way. This weeks image is all about that pastry goodness that is a pie take a look at this image!

Doesn't that look amazing! No the reason that I am share this image with you and not the one I thought I would be is because it was recently Pi day. No seriously! Okay maybe not Pie day but it was Pi as in 3.1415 but I just had to make a card for it! and here it is.

Hehe Pie! I just had to make it a fruit pie with all that drippy ozzie goodness just look at it! I hope that I have fired a few creative juices (I know really bad pie pun) and I would love to see any cards that you make just leave a link in the comments below!

Have a fab day!


1 comment:

  1. Fabulous - this is a great slice of pie THANK YOU. Coooooool card :-D Why on earth would we need Pi day I wonder ?

    IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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