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Monday, February 10, 2020

Birthday Event #5: Name That Penguin

Hello folks!  There may only be a few days left before our 7th Birthday Celebration is completed but that doesn't mean the fun is over yet.

If you haven't had the opportunity to participate in our 7th Birthday Celebration yet, you can find the first post published on Jan. 15th, with further details of our seven years in business, the challenge link up and prize list for that challenge, by clicking HERE to check it out. We had a Letter Hunt for Birthday Event #2 that ran from from Jan. 16th to the 21st with a deadline of January 31st and then also offered up a Flash Freebie on Jan. 25th for Birthday Event #3 that you can find HERE if you haven't already grabbed it. Next, for Birthday Event #4 we offered up a Word Search and you still have until Friday to get your answers submitted. You can find the details for that event by clicking HERE.

Today, for Birthday Event #5, I'm popping in to test your knowledge on just how well you know Brrr's family and friends. It is time to play, "Name That Penguin".

Below you will find a number of penguin images from the STORE. The penguins will be numbered and it is your job to let me know the NAME of the penguin featured in that particular image.

For example...
A-Who am I?
In your comment, you would reply: A-Brrr. Pretty easy, right?! So on that note, how about we begin...

1-Who am I?
2-Who am I?

3-Who am I?

4-Who am I?

5-Who am I?

6-Who am I?

7-Who am I?

8--Who am I?

9-Who am I?
10--Who am I?

Please leave your answers in a comment on this post. I'll be leaving comment moderation on this post to ensure that it is fair for everyone.


Everyone who gets ALL 10 NAMES correct, will have their name thrown into a draw and ONE random winner will have a chance to win the following:
  • 3 images of the person's choice from those images showcased above.

Anyone up for a bonus round? Now while this next image is not a penguin, he is still a very special friend in Brrr's life. If you can tell me the name of the image below AND tell me his importance in Brrr's life (i.e. what is he is helping Brrr deal with), you will have your name thrown into a draw and ONE random winner will have a chance to win the image. Hint: If you are new to the blog or you don't recall the answer, search through old stories on the challenge blog to come up with why you believe he is important to Brrr.

You have until Fri., February 14th, at 8:59 p.m., PST to submit your answers.



There are still a few days left so it is possible we might just have something else planned before our month long celebration ends on Feb. 14th. So, be sure to pop over once and a while until the end of  the week! Better yet, sign up to receive our posts by email or through Bloglovin' so you don't miss a thing!

Happy crafting until next we meet, 


  1. Here goes:
    1. Brrrnard
    2. Brrrnice
    3. Brrryce
    4. Brr Heart Card (Happy Valentine's Day!)
    5. Eugene
    6. Brrr FBall
    7. Princess Brrr-Leia
    8. Brrrad
    9. Baby Penguin
    10. Darth Vad-Brrr

    The extra image is Burt. Burt helped Brrr get over his nervousness of the water. Have both Brrr and Burt abandoned the psychiatrist yet? They can be very expensive.
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. OK another fun time, thank goes....
    Valentine Brrr-loon
    1. Brrrnard
    2. Brrrnice
    3. Brryce
    4. Brrr Hear Card
    5. Eugene
    6. Brrr FBall
    7.Princess Brrr-Leia
    8. Brrrard
    9. Baby Penguin
    10. Darth Vad-Brrr
    Bonus is Burt which goes great with Brrrubles
    Hugs, Lori m

  3. What a fun game!
    1. Brrrnard, 2. Brrrnice, 3. Brrryce, 4. Brrr Heart Card, 5. Eugene, 6. Brrr Fball, 7. Princess Brrr-Leia, 8. Brrrad, 9. Baby Penguin, 10 Darth Vad-Brrr. Bonus. That's Burt, Brrr's trusted friend and floatie. Brrr is afraid of the water so he keeps Burt close. I used Brrr & Burt to make a sun-filled Christmas card this year. My friend loved it!

  4. Another fun game! Here are my answers!

    1 Brrrnard
    2 Brrrnice
    3 Brrryce
    4 Brrr
    5 Eugene
    6 Brrr FBall
    7 Princess Brrr-Leia
    8 Brrrad
    9 Baby Penguin
    10 Darth Vad-Brrr
    Bonus - Burt - Burt is a floatie who helped Brrr get over his nervousness of the water.

    This has been a fun birthday party! Thank you!

  5. 1- Brrrnard
    2- Brrrnice
    3- Brrryce
    4- Brrr Heart Card
    5- Eugene
    6- Brrr FBall
    7- Princess Brrr- Leia
    8- Brrrad
    9- Baby Penguin
    10- Darth Vad-Brrr
    bonus- Burt, who helps Brrr get over his nervousness of the water

  6. HI again
    Another great search here are my answers
    1 Brrrnard 257
    2 Brrrnice 201
    3 Brrryce 259
    4 Brrr Heart card 245
    5 Eugene 208
    6 Brrr fball 210
    7 Princess Brrr Leia 216
    8 Brrrad 258
    9 Baby Penguin 200
    10 Darth Vader Brrr 217

    Burt 221 is a flatie who is an aid for Brrr fear of the water and swimming.

    Jeni x

  7. This was one of my favourite games because I learned exactly who the various Brrr penguin characters are! Well at least I hope I did - the answers I already submitted will reveal that hehe. Really enjoyed your birthday celebration - it was very well planned and it was fun!


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