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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring has Sprung in the Scribbles Designs Garden

As many of us recover from the harsh cold and piles of snow that winter brought with it, it is refreshing to know that spring has sprung in many areas. Even here in northern Ontario, the trees are finally starting to show some new growth and in a matter of no time at all there will be some blooms making their debut. Therefore it is the absolute perfect time to showcase some of the wonderful new greenery making its debut in the Scribbles Designs store.  Think of the wonderful creations you will be able to put together using any of Sandy's beautiful flowers.

So, let's start with a tour of the Scribbles Designs garden, shall we? (Clicking on each digital image should take you to its location within the Scribbles Designs Store.)

#618 Flower 1

This flower reminds me of the big blooms that used to grow in my mom's flowers beds.  I can imagine it coloured up in all different shades, from pinks to peaches and yellows to purples.  This image, like many of the flowers Sandy offers, would be perfect as the centrepiece of your card, added alongside other flowers or as line art inside your card.

#619 Flower 2

I am sure you will love this particular duo as much as I do.  It's unique shape offers up something different from the usual digital flowers you find available.  Personally, I find the sleek elegance of this image perfect for a sympathy card.  You can also buy these distinctive flowers separately, as shown below.

#620 Flower 3

#621 Flower 4
Flower 4 can be purchased as a digital image or in a cut file (#621a)
If you are interested in purchasing the cut file, click HERE.

#622 Flower 5

Next up we have this lovely scribbled flower.  It is the perfect embellishment for a variety of cards whether used digitally or as a cut file.  If you are interested in purchasing the cut file of this image, click HERE.

 #623 Flower 6

Is a rose as sweet by any other name?  Roses have long been used as symbols in a number of societies. Since ancient times they have also been the symbols of love and beauty.   Each colour of rose has its own meaning as well.  As many people know red roses are known to represent love and passion; but, did you also know that they represent, courage and respect as well?  White roses stand for purity and innocence along with reverence and humility.  To receive a pink rose means that someone appreciates or admires you.  While yellow roses can mean joy, friendship and the promise of a new beginning, many people may not realize that they represent jealousy too.  Orange stands for desire and enthusiasm, peach for sincerity and gratitude, and lavender means love at first sight and enchantment.

To receive A single rose of any color symbolizes true devotion; two roses entwined together impart the message "Marry me"; six roses display a desire to be loved or cherished; eleven roses assure the recipient they are truly and deeply loved; and finally thirteen roses indicate a secret admirer.

So, what symbolism will your rose have once you have finished colouring and creating with it?

(source of rose colour and number meanings:   Author Unknown. (1997-2012). The Meaning of Rose Colors. Available: Last accessed 25th May 2013.)

#626 Flower 7

 Isn't this flower pretty too?  This one would be perfect for any card that depicted love of some nature.  See how the petals look like the top of a heart and there are even little heart shapes in the centre?  At least that is what I see and how I think it could be used.  What do you see and what ideas will you come up with?

#627 Flower 8

Here we have another interesting and unique flower shape.  Wouldn't it be fun if we had a few of these in our gardens at home?

#629 Flower 9

This bouquet would be perfect on a thank you or thinking of you card, or a friendship card, or a birthday card, or a...the possibilities are endless.

Now beside every good flower stands a leaf and the Scribbles garden is no exception.

#624 Leaf 1
#628 Leaf 3

#625 Leaf 2

The wonderful thing about these leaves is that you can mix and match them with some of the flowers that Sandy has created.  I can see Leaf 1 poking out in a few spots from behind the Flower 9 bouquet.  Leaf 3 can fit with Flower 8 or even dangling below Flower 7.  Your imagination is your only limitation!

Last, but not least, my personal favourite of the bunch, the newest topiary tree.  This image is perfect for a thank you card or even a new home or welcome to the neighbourhood card.  I can't wait until I have the time to finally sit and play with this image.

#632 Topiary 1
Now, no garden is complete without the tools of the trade to keep it looking beautiful.  So Sandy has created digital tools to ensure that your digital gardens stay spiffy too.  You can buy them in the set as seen below or individually--just like you can with real garden tools.
#616 Garden Tools
To purchase the bulb planter separately click HERE.
To purchase the garden scraper separately click HERE.
To purchase the garden fork separately click HERE.
To purchase the garden spade separately click HERE.

Using your tools you could create a sweet potted plant just like this one...
#617 Flower Pot

So there you have it.  All the items you need to make your digital gardens turn out beautiful.  Look even Carrie is getting into the act.
Maybe you can hire her to work in your garden as well.  Rumour has it she works pretty cheap.  Give her a call and see if you can agree on a price.  I know she is anxious to get out into that sunshine and start getting dirty again.  You however can stay clean by choosing to go with a digital garden this year.  With so many lovely designs to choose from, what is stopping you?

I'll be back soon to introduce some more of the newest items to hit the store over at Scribbles Designs. If you are not yet a follower, now is the perfect time to do so. This way you won't miss out on the lives of all your beloved characters and learning about new ones and new images that are bound to make their appearance in the store.

Also, don't forget to check out our challenges. This month the theme is to create a project that celebrates mom or another special woman in your life (with flowers) and you can find out all the details you need for participating by clicking HERE.  Psst...for a limited time you can find Flower #9 on the challenge blog as well.  Grab it now before it disappears!

Until next time!


  1. wow you really have made me want to garden!!!! At least via digital means ;) Great showcase and description of the fabulous digis!!! Now if only Carrie would come off the page and into my garden... ;0

  2. Lisa, you do such a FABULOUS job with this showcase! wow! Gorgeous flower images and I love how you do this post! hugs, Charlene

  3. Love the post Lisa and all the fun flowers!


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