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Friday, May 16, 2014

Freebie Friday: Bumble Bee

Hello Scribble darlings! How are you all on this glorious day from the UK? I have had a fab week, lots of things happening some I hope to be sharing with you guys. But! Its Friday which means one thing I have another Freebie to share with you this week. Here is the fab image.

If you have ever been over to my blog you know that I love bees! No really I could quite happily make bee cards until the cows come home! However I do not have a bee card to share with you today...I have somthing a bit different.

So what do you think I have made for your delight today! 

I have made a bookmark! I love books and I hate having to look through to try and find out where you left off and don't get me started folding down the corners! I coloured this guy in on the PC and then duplicated him and then flipped him up so that there is a mirror image on the back. 

Finally I got a bit of sheet magnet cut a couple of bits off stuck them in side and viola! One magnetic bookmark and one happy book lover! 

I hope that you have a fab weekend! 



  1. BEE-autiful job Sam! Love that bookmark. Awesome new image! Thanks for sharing it!


  2. What a clever idea for the bookmark - it's adorable! Thank you for the bee - I love it!


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