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Friday, April 12, 2013

Scribblers Showcase - Sam & Lisa

We love our Scribblers at Scribbles Designs 
and we'd love share them with you...

Having dabbled in fashion design, web design, and writing; Sam found the creative satisfaction with photography and card making...
Sam uses a variety of styles and a with her passion for card making, her style has evolved...and is always finding something new to explore.

Sam lives with her fantastic partner Jono Alderson, her mad cat, Patch, who thinks he's a dog.  They all live happily ever after in the quaint, quirky and amazing ye olde City of York... along with the Vikings, tourists and loads of friendly faces...  
Do check out Sam's blog!  A Blog By Sam...You'll love it!

Sam's creative space is fabulous!  And it is full of fun & imagination...

IMG_3102  IMG_3103

I LOVE this one as look what is on her desk Frank & Farrah!!!

Enjoy the awesome eye-candy projects and cards by Sam... 

Dream  Joy

Christmas  IMG_0575


Lisa loves to draw, paint, cross-stitch, create nail art and card making....
all incredible avenues for creativeness!  
Lisa is married to her college sweetheart and lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada with their cat Marigold.  Lisa's blog Decosse's Dynamite Doodles is full of positive energy, showcases and spotlights and card challenge posts, so its well worth the time to visit!  

Lisa's creative space...

Studio pic 1
Here is where the magic happens for creating all those blog posts
Studio pic 2
The black shelving unit, the CD stand next to it which has been converted to storing ribbon and embellishments, the white stand that you only see a smidge of and the drawer unit in the background with the Cricut on top are all storage areas for my stuff.Studio pic 3
  This disaster area with a shelving unit, two sets of drawers, one tucked in next to a filing cabinet and then also the white two drawer set on top of the other drawers is where the remaining of the upstairs stuff is kept. We won't even go near the stuff in the basement.

studio pic 4

Here is where the card making gets down. Marigold is currently keeping my seat warm for later this evening, sitting on one of her many blankees.

studio pic 5

This is that table next to my spot and the floor where I try to hide as much as I can of the supplies I need to keep with me downstairs.

studio pic 6

Finally, what every good studio needs, an excellent source of lighting to take pictures of our masterpieces. Since the Ott Light went belly up I've had to resort to using a treble light that I hang off the Ott light. Crude but effective until I can afford to get something better.

Lisa has a bountiful collection of projects, so enjoy the awesome eye-candy projects and cards by Lisa... 

SDC#2_shades_redJan Pre-launch front

SDC#2_shades_red_inside     TAch#50_hearts_flutter_inside
SDC#3_shades_green   Lisa_SDC#3_midway_front

Do head on over to their blogs and 
leave some blog-loving and become a follower! 


  1. Sooo fun to see were all the wonderful creative action takes place. Such awesome cards! ;0

  2. I love seeing you gals spaces! Love how you can swivel in your space Sam and Lisa, your special kitty warmed spot is fantastic!


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