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Friday, December 23, 2016

Five Day Countdown to Christmas: Day TWO

The Five Day Countdown to Christmas continues right now. If you missed the first day, please click HERE. You can find the link to Wednesday's post HERE and yesterday's post HERE.

For today's offering we have something special planned. Submit an idea for a new digi design and Sandy will create it. One idea will be chosen and the winner will receive a copy of the design for free once it is made. 

So what will it be?  Brrr or Carl up to some new antics? Or, is there a special holiday image you'd like to see? There are so many different possibilities and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Please leave your idea using the link up below. Now I haven't had the chance to test this particular link. I believe that you can add your idea (limit of 350 characters), name and e-mail address. If you have any difficulties, simply leave your idea in a comment. I'll test it when I get online tomorrow afternoon to check it.

Update: Well something went wrong with the link up so please just leave your idea in a comment on this post. Be sure to add your email addy so we know how to find you if you are the lucky winner.

Ideas will be accepted until December 31st at 8:59 p.m. PST (11:59 p.m. EST). Winner will be announced in a special post in the new year!


  1. Merry Christmas! I've seen this idea with stamps but never with digis. I'd love to have a critter that has a front and back. So the front can be placed on the outside of the card and the back is placed on the inside of the card to make it look as if the critter is also on the inside of the card. Often there is a window in the card so the critter matches up on both sides. It could be a critter of your choice. I just think it would be extra fun to have something like that to create with. Thanks! Great fun right before Christmas! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  3. I really like Donna's Idea - I will go with Carl in Winter Clothing building a snowman []

  4. I like the front and back idea too, those are fun to play with. We have a reindeer who brings Emily gifts and candy leading up to Christmas. He carries a messenger bag and wears a little visor hat. It'd be cute to have an image of him.

  5. Yes, I really like Donna's idea too! The critter should definitely be a cat - how about a cat with a large coffee to-go cup?

    This is an awesome idea for a contest! Wishing Sandy, Lisa, and your team the very best over the holiday weekend and for 2017!

  6. I have just told Sandy a couple of days ago that I would love a New Years cute image that does not have drinking involved in it. Using Brrr or a hedgehog.
    I would also like a gingerbread boy and girl for Christmas
    Mistletoe image with some holly or pine.
    A Snow lady
    Valentine cat
    A valentine Puppy
    dragonflies around a flower.
    I hope these help. Edwina Brown

  7. WOW ladies! These are all such incredible ideas. Thanks so much for giving Sandy lots of inspiration to work with!!!!

    Lisa D.


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